The only way to access challenge workspaces is through the NICE Challenge WebPortal

Important Note: Please be aware that if you do not have any active workspaces via an assignment (which are created and managed by your educator/curator), then there will be no challenge workspaces available for you to access. The NICE Challenge Support Team cannot and will not schedule or extend challenge workspaces for you.

To find your currently available challenge workspaces, please do the following...

  1. Login to the NICE Challenge WebPortal
  2. From the "Player Dashboard" page, click either the "Assignments" link or the "Active Workspaces" button (Note: If the Active Workspaces button has a "0" in it, you have no challenge workspaces available currently)
  3. Review the available assignments within the "Current & Upcoming" tab on the "Assignments" page, and click the "Open Workspace" button of the assignment you are trying to complete

When accessing consoles to virtual machines from the NICE Challenge Webportal, we suggest you use the HTML5 console; it is the preferred method of accessing virtual machines and does not require the installation of any additional software. 

Also, please make sure you use a supported web browser and operating system combination when using challenge workspaces to try challenges.