Mouse Issues


- Mouse input not being captured


Mouse input issues can be fixed by restarting the virtual machine where the mouse is not functioning properly. If you cannot restart the virtual machine for some reason please create a support ticket so our support team can resolve the issue.

Advanced Solution

When using consoles to control Linux-Based virtual machines (Centos, Debian, etc) you can also fix mouse input issues by changing from the GUI tty to a text tty and then changing back to the GUI tty. This can be done by using the common tty changing key combinations once the console it capturing your input. Below are examples of how to do this when you're using a Windows or Mac computer to access the NICE Challenge consoles.

Windows Example -> CTRL+ALT+F2 (Changes to tty2) followed by CTRL+ALT+F1 (Changes back to tty1)

Mac OS & OS X Example -> FN+CONTROL+OPTION+F2 (Changes to tty2) followed by FN+CONTROL+OPTION+F1 (Changes back to tty1)

**NOTE** The tty# might be different depending on the type of Linux VM you are attempting this on.