Our latest release of the Operate & Maintain environment includes a change that purposefully disables the GUI at boot.

Since the creation of the Protect & Defend environment we have changed our environment development strategy to only include CLI interfaces on Linux-based servers by default. This was done based on the fact that it is very atypical for Linux-based servers to have GUIs installed on them in real world networks today. This is due to a wide variety of reasons including but not limited to their unnecessary resource utilization, larger storage footprint requirements, added update complexity, and various stability/usability issues.

This ultimately results in a more realistic experience for players while increasing stability.

While we did disable the GUIs on the Linux servers in the Operate & Maintain environment, we did not remove them. They will continue to be available for unsupported use. However, be aware, we are planning to update the Operate & Maintain environment more drastically later in 2019, during which we will be releasing updated versions of the Linux servers that will not have GUIs installed by default.

Instructions to start GUI on Operate & Maintain Environment Linux Servers (Unsupported)

  1. Open a console to desired Linux server (Backup, Mail, Prod-Web, or Database)
  2. Login to the "playerone" user account (Username: "playerone", Password: "password123") through the default CLI interface
  3. Issue the command "startxfce4", this will start the GUI that previously started by default logged in as playerone